Our business started in Copenhagen in 2017. But our story begins more than 100 years ago in 1911, when Conseils Solvay gathered – by invitation-only – the world’s leading experts in physics to discuss fundamental problems, share ideas, and connect with peers. 

That’s our philosophy.

twoHundred makes conferences as they should be. For C-levels from the top 200 companies and by invitation-only. Our members are part of an exclusive yet informal club. It’s a conference you actually look forward to.

A carefully selected number of commercial partners are invited. Not to sell but to share expert knowledge, inspire, and build relationships.

That is what twoHundred is all about:
Sharing, inspiring, and connecting people.

Our members’ time is extremely scarce, so we go to great lengths to ensure the time they spend with us is worth it. That is why we add data to the mix. Data about our members’, industries, peers, and issues faced by other C-levels. This way our conferences cover topics that matter to them and form a setting where they can cut to the chase, open up, and to learn their peers and through discussions about shared challenges.

We cater to people who demand quality – not quantity. We do things properly – even when others aren’t looking. And we resist the urge to pack as many participants as possible – even if there’s room for more.

And we do this because for us, success is not a sold-out conference. Success is when members and partners come back. Again and again. For the atmosphere. For the inspiration. For the experience. Because they are part of something exclusive.

A community with real C-level engagement.


“To be the most trusted facilitator of knowledge sharing and C-level engagement.”

“To empower C-levels by sharing relevant insights and expand their network within top200 companies”


The exclusive group of Trusted Advisors plays an active role in shaping and designing the strategy of twoHundred as well as focusing on the further development and innovation. The Trusted Advisors play a significant role in securing market relevance and bring high level sparring to the management team in twoHundred.

We are both proud and humble to present our Trusted Advisors:

Christian Lyngaae Saugman

CIO & Head of Global IT at LEO Pharma

Skills & experience
Digital Strategy & Transformation
Organizational Transformation

2022: CIO at LEO Pharma
2021: CIO at KPR Towers
2018: CIO at ISS Facility Services
2013: CIO at Maersk Drilling


The Executive Committee members are a selected group of C-levels representing each of the local communities where we are active. Each community in each country is represented by one member and acts as a business partner to the twoHundred operation. The Executive Committee will help maintain our high level of quality and relevance for upcoming activities planned ahead.

We are delighted and proud to present our Executive Committee:


The Strategic Partners are some of the largest and global experts contributing to top 200 enterprises. They contribute to the execution of concepts in twoHundred as well as knowledge sharing and relevant C-level engagement. twoHundred and the Strategic Partners  share the same goal: We empower C-levels!

We proudly present our Strategic Partners:

Automation Anywhere

We see a future where automation liberates people from mundane tasks to solve more creative, higher order business challenges.

Our technology empowers everyone to unleash their potential in the workplace—and in their life’s work. In other words, to go be great.


Basware is a cloud-based solution provider with employees all over the world. As a global company, proud of our Finnish roots,

we create and deliver automated technologies to make finance and procurement processes easier and more streamlined for globally operating enterprises and their suppliers across all industries.

Trusted by thousands of organisations, we have over 9,500 businesses in more than 70 countries worldwide using Basware solutions to fulfill their procure-to-pay (P2P) needs.

We are constantly innovating to help our customer simplify operations so they can spend smarter.


Talent leaders use our adaptive HR software to create a work environment defined by individual growth and collective success.

With our help, organisations can leverage AI and our skills-forward system to modernise their learning and development experience, deliver the most relevant content to their people from anywhere, accelerate talent and career mobility, and establish skills as their universal framework for growth and success.

We make work a place that works for everyone.


The world of work has changed forever. Today’s modern, mid-sized businesses are growing quickly, expanding globally, and thinking differently about the role that HR

and HR tech plays in their business success. These progressive, modern companies recognize that a strong HR function is the very core of the business. A profit center, rather than a cost center—driving employee productivity, collaboration, engagement, and retention. These same companies know that yesterday’s HR tech wasn’t designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce or environment.

Say ‘hi’ to Bob. The modern HR platform for modern business.


Ivalua was founded in 2000 on a disruptive idea: that organizations can transform not just their business, but also the world by how they manage their spend and suppliers.

Our mission has been steady ever since – to empower Procurement leaders to do just that.

Today, hundreds of the world’s most admired brands leverage our platform to manage ALL spend and ALL suppliers. They optimize efficiency, lower risk, unlock supplier-led innovation, maximize profitability, improve sustainability, and much more.

Ivalua’s platform provides the automation to free time for strategic activities. The insights to make better, faster decisions. And the connections to collaborate with suppliers and internal stakeholders. All in one place. With rapid deployment of best-in-class capabilities and unmatched flexibility to meet the needs of tomorrow. Because we believe leaders shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to their technology.


At Nykredit, we are not like the others. Yes, we are a bank. And yes, we are a mortgage lender. But we differ on one important point: We are owned by an association of customers.

United we can do more for the customers and for the community.

United we can do more.


Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.


ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. This is the future of work.

Behind every great experience is a great workflow.


Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work. 

Sounds so simple, but too often companies get caught up in politics, ivory-tower attitudes, and market mania instead of focusing on the things that probably made them successful in the first place.


Accelerating digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises.

We help innovative organizations across all industries tackle transformational use cases and exact real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of data to drive value and competitive differentiation.


Because every enterprise deserves the best-in-class solution for happier customers.

Whether you’re one of the world’s largest companies or a unicorn-in-the-making, you need a unified view of everything your customers are saying across 30+ channels — and the real-time AI capabilities to turn that data into actionable insights. Sprinklr makes it easy to do it all on a single, unified platform.